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The following links provide our clients with a chain of custody (COC - analysis request form), information about our services, and general sampling instructions. Please call or email us if you have any questions and our experts will be happy to assist.

Chain of Custody

Analysis Request Form - Algal toxins

Please fill out our Analysis Request Form and ship it with your sample(s). This will also serve as a chain of custody (COC).

Description of

Description of Services

The linked document explains some of our services, including descriptions of the different types of analyses we conduct.


Sampling Instructions

The linked instructions include how to sample a bloom and how to package samples for shipment to our Lab. To order a sample kit, send us an email.

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Algal Toxin Standards

CyanoLab produces and provides a variety of algal toxin standards for research purposes, including microcystins and cylindrospermopsin. These standards are isolated from cyanobacterial sources and purified in strictly controlled environments to >95% purity.

Algal Toxin Standards

The linked document shows pricing for all cyanotoxin standards that CyanoLab produces. Due to high demand, many are not in stock. Refer to the order form to see which standards are currently in stock.

Algal Toxin Standard Price

Order Form &
Current Stock

Please us the linked document to order cyanotoxin standards. The analytes shown represent reference standards currently in stock. You can fax or email the form and we will contact you when your order ships.

Algal Toxin Standard Order Form
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Algal Toxin Analysis

Microcystin, Cylindrospermopsin, Anatoxin-a, Saxitoxin

GreenWater Laboratories is a leader in cyanobacteria / algal toxin analysis. We have been analyzing water, tissues, and other biological matrices for algal toxins for over a decade. Toxin analyses includes microcystins, anatoxin-a/homoanatoxin-a, epi- and cylindrospermopsin, paralytic shellfish toxins (saxitoxins), BMAA, Lyngbyatoxin-A, aplysiatoxins, domoic acid and more. We currently utilize a variety of analysis techniques, from ELISA to LC-MS/MS, which allows us the sophistication to provide reliable data to our clients. We understand the importance of having accurate data so that important decisions can be made.


Phycological Services

Algal Identification

We offer typical algal identification and enumeration services (with or without biovolume), but are also able to provide a non-quantitative potentially toxigenic cyanobacteria screening. This service allows for a quick TAT to determine if you have cyanobacteria and if toxin testing is recommended.


Algal Toxin Standards

Purified Cyanotoxins - Reference Standards

CyanoLab provides reference standards of common toxins produced by cyanobacteria. These standards are used for research, instrument calibration and toxicological testing. We use preparative HPLC to separate the toxins from the native cyanobacterial source.

Meet the

Cyanobacteria Experts

Who are we?

Established in 2001, GreenWater Laboratories/CyanoLab is the only private full-service laboratory of its kind, with a strict focus on cyanobacteria/algae and the toxins they produce. Our experts work closely with our clients to provide technically advanced testing, analyses, monitoring and research - tailored to fit each of their individual needs.

Mark Aubel

Mark Aubel, Ph.D.

President / Analytical Chemist

Mark is the lead analytical chemist and President of GreenWater Laboratories/CyanoLab. Mark directs all laboratory tasks and manages all major projects. As an analytical chemist, he performs liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry analysis on samples, supervises new protocol development and monitors quality assurance and control.

Mark has co-authored multiple papers on cyanobacerial toxin analysis and has almost three decades in analytical chemistry experience. His experience with chemistry includes acedemic, private and corporate laboratories.

Andrew Chapman

Andrew Chapman, M.S.

Phycologist, Limnologist

Andy has been the senior phycologist at GreenWater Laboratories since its establishment in 2001. Andy is a nationally recognized phycologist with over 20 years of experience with identifying algae. Andy specializes in the identification and enumeration of algae/cyanobacteria, specifically potentially toxin producing genera/species.
Andy has organized, assisted and administered workshops on the identification and classification of freshwater algae to such organizations as the Florida Lake Management Society, the North American Lake Management Society, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Florida Drinking Water Treatment Plants.

Amanda Foss

Amanda Foss, M.S.


Amanda is a chemist with a focus on analytical extraction and analysis techniques. She received a B.S. in Environmental Chemistry and M.S. degrees in Forensic Toxicology and Fisheries/Aquatic Sciences from the University of Florida. Amanda has over a decade of experience with cyanotoxin analysis.
Amanda performs algal toxin analyses and directs research involving the development and validation of methods for the extraction and quantification of algal toxins from biological matrices (e.g. tissues, serum). Amanda also assists with algal identification and extracts/purifies toxin standards.

Kamil Cieslik

Kamil Cieslik, B.S.


Kamil has a B.S. degree in Chemistry from the University of Central Florida. Kamil currently conducts algal toxin analysis using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and LC-MS/MS. With a strong background in Chemistry, Kamil is an integral part of the CyanoLab division of GreenWater Laboratories with a focus on providing clients with high quiality purified cyanobacteria toxins for calibration and research purposes. Kamil is also learning about phycology to assist in microscopy work.

Shirley Rodman

Shirley Rodman, B.S.

Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper

Shirley provides administrative support and is the point of contact for clients at GreenWater Labs. With a B.S. Degree in Counseling Psychology and an extensive background in bookkeeping, Shirley provides support to the team in a variety ways. Maintaining accurate accounting records and providing excellent customer service are some of Shirley’s main duties.


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