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Algal Toxin Analysis, Phycological Services, and Cyanotoxin Standards

The following links provide our clients with information about our services. Please call or email us if you have any questions and our experts will be happy to assist.

Analysis Request

Analysis Request Form - Algal toxins

Please fill out our Analysis Request Form and ship it with your sample(s). This will also serve as a chain of custody (COC).

Description of

Description of Services

The linked document explains some of our services, including descriptions of the different types of analyses we conduct.


Sampling Instructions

The linked instructions include how to sample a bloom and how to package samples for shipment to our Lab. To order a sample kit, send us an email.



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GreenWater Laboratories is a leader in cyanotoxin analysis and the identification of algae/cyanobacteria. CyanoLab provides purified cyanobacteria toxins for research and instrument calibration.

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