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GreenWater News - Blooming News from GreenWater Labs/CyanoLab

Total Microcystin Analysis

The MMPB technique for the quantification of total microcystins

GreenWater Laboratories has been working on a confirmatory LC-MS/MS analysis for total microcystins in drinking water sources. We are presenting the data from this study at the 8th Annual HAB meeting in November 2015.

Accounting for total microcystins is a challenging task, with over 150 microcystin variants described to date. Individual variant analyses (e.g. LC-UV, LC-MS/MS) are bound to miss some of these congeners, leaving microcystins under reported. When it comes to human and animal health, this is undesirable.

We have employed the MMPB method for total microcystins and it has compared well to Adda ELISA data. We are now offering this service as a confirmation of ELISA data for both raw and drinking water. We also employ the technique for more complicated matrices (e.g. tissues, serum).

To find out more about this technique, please email us at info@greenwaterlab.com

GreenWater Laboratories/CyanoLab will be exhibiting at the Water Quality Technology & Exposition Conference. The AWWA WQTC conference is scheduled for November 15-19, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Swing by to see us!


GreenWater Laboratories is hiring!

We are looking for someone with a background in environmental chemistry to assist with sample preparation and analysis. A link to the current job opening can be found here.

Toxin Standards

Microcystin standards are still available, including variants of -LR, -RR, -YR, -LY, and -LA. Cylindrospermopsin is also available. Click here to see the current availability and pricing.

Keep your pets safe this summer!

Every summer we hear reports of animals, especially dogs, exposed to toxic algal blooms. Unfortunately, by the time we hear about it, it is often too late. Take care this year and avoid algal blooms when taking your pet to the beach or lake. If your animal does swim in an algal bloom, keep a close watch and contact a veterinarian immediately!

Contact Information:
GreenWater Laboratories / CyanoLab
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(386) 328 - 0882
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