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Cyanobacteria & Algal Toxin Research

GreenWater Laboratories frequently conducts research in order to assist others in the field or to highlight some analysis techniques that have been implemented in the lab. When possible, we submit our work and methods for peer review to maintain a higher standard of quality and to provide credibility to our work. Below are links to published manuscripts where GreenWater was able contribute to a research project or develop a new approach.

Algal Toxin Research

Cyanobacteria & Algal Toxin Articles

Algal toxins and producers in the marine waters of Qatar, Arabian Gulf
Muftah A.A., Selwood A.I., Foss A.J., Al-Jabri H.M.S.J., Potts M., Yilmaz M. (Toxicon 2016)

Using the MMPB technique to confirm microcystin concentrations in water measured by ELISA and HPLC (UV, MS, MS/MS)
Foss A.J. & Aubel M.T. (Toxicon 2015)

The extraction and analysis of cylindrospermopsin from human serum and urine
Foss A.J. & Aubel M.T. (Toxicon 2013)

Acute liver and kidney failure in a dog following exposure to microcystins produced by a Microcystis aeruginosa-dominated cyanobacterial freshwater harmful algal bloom in Milford Lake, Kansas
Van der Merwe D., Sebbag L., Nietfeld J., Aubel M.T., Foss A.J., Carney E. (Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 2012)

Investigation of extraction and analysis techniques for Lyngbya wollei derived paralytic shellfish toxins.
Foss A.J., Phlips E.J., Aubel M.T., Szabo N.J. (Toxicon 2012)

Characterization of paralytic shellfish toxins from Lyngbya wollei dominated mats collected from two Florida springs
Foss, A.J., Phlips, E.J., Yilmaz, M., Chapman, A. (Harmful Algae 2012)

Assessment of the Public Health Risk from Cyanobacteria and their Related Toxins in Surface Water of the St. Johns River Utilized for Recreational Activities
Final Report to the Florida Department of Health, Aquatic Toxins Division. Dale Casamatta, Mark Aubel, Peter D'Aiuto, Andrew Chapman, Andrew Reich, Sharon Ketchen, and Chris Williams (2006)

Blue-Green Algae in St. Johns River, FL
Mark Aubel, Peter D'Aiuto, Andrew Chapman, Dale Casamatta, Andrew Reich, Sharon Ketchen, and Chris Williams. (Lakeline, 2006)

Identification of Cyanobacterial Toxins in Florida's Freshwater Systems
Christopher D. Williams, Mark T. Aubel, Andrew D. Chapman and Peter E. D'Aiuto. (Lake and Reservoir Management, 2007)

National Lakes Assessment: A Collaborative Survey of the Nation's Lakes
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water and Office of Research and Development, Washington, D.C. (2009)

Recreational Exposure to Low Concentrations of Microcystins During an Algal Bloom in a Small Lake (2008)
Lorraine C. Backer, Wayne Carmichael, Barbara Kirkpatrick, Christopher Williams, Mitch Irvin, Yue Zhou, Trisha B. Johnson, Kate Nierenberg, Vincent R. Hill, Stephanie M. Kieszak and Yung-Sung Cheng (Mar. Drugs 2008, 6: 389-406)

Recreational exposure to microcystins during algal blooms in two California lakes (2010)
Lorraine C. Backer, Sandra V. McNeel, Terry Barber, Barbara Kirkpatrick, Christopher Williams, Mitch Irvin, Yue Zhou, Trisha B. Johnson, Kate Nierenberg, Mark Aubel, Rebecca LePrell, Andrew Chapman, Amanda Foss, Susan Corum, Vincent R. Hill, Stephanie M. Kieszak, Yung-Sung Cheng (Toxicon 2010, 55: 909-921)

Toxin Producing Blue-Green Algae at Recreational Sites in the St. Johns River, Florida
Chris Williams, Mark Aubel, Andrew Chapman, and Peter D'aiuto, Dale Casamatta, Andrew Reich and Sharon Ketchen (2006)